Karl Lagasse is a self-taught artist who works on several disciplines.
Born in Paris April 4, 1981 into a family of artists, he began creating collages at the age of 7 years and sells his first work at 17.
he Dollar represents his admiration for the United States and the need for man to build himself, to rise. For LAGASSE the expansion of the bill is essential as it allows to read it and therefore decrypt messages and symbols it delivers. The legend of success with a dollar in the pocket is legendary. It carries a positive energy, but also spiritual, echoing the national motto: "In God we trust." These bills, contrary to what we may imagine, are not fixed, they writhe and undulate presenting works in motion.
His paintings are inspired by the city and are extracted from the urban context. The girls are painted, "Muse is born" and staged to highlight to accentuate their contemporary, erotic character and raise the aspirations and the ills of our society.
LAGASSE is one of the rising figures of contemporary art.
(source Artprice)

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