VASSORT Christian

Born in 1955, Christian Vassort first studied architecture at Nantes from 1972 to 1975 and then frequent the next two years the Visual Art Institute of Orleans.
Christian Vassort invites us into his imaginary world made of poetry and nostalgia, "a dream world where everything can be transformed." With a richness of detail, his paintings are like a storybook, a fun journey into the heart of everyday life.
Aerial deformation of characters accentuates their sweetness, their presence and singularity. This modeling evokes the comics or animation movies. Fruits of his architectural studies, surrondings play a vital role in the construction of his subjects. Its cities-buildings he rounded shapes, these colorful and ondulating facades create an atmosphere of illusion and strangeness. They are the scene of a world in miniature, of unusual situations where characters are the stars ...

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