Kim Rouch was born in Saint-Lô (Manche) July 30, 1952.
Very young, he practices the techniques of drawing and watercolors which will serve at best his taste for travel.
During the summer of 1983, he visited museums in New England. Fascinated by the works of American Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth, he will constantly work on movement and light, in a pure way, simplified, sincere.
In 1993, he converted to oil painting which opens up new perspectives in terms of format, material and intensity. Contemplative painter, he trusts his intuition without losing sight of its primary purpose: to capture at closer here a movement, there a ray of light. "My approach is to paint true," he said.
"The paintings of KIm ROUCH go well beyond the landscape. They have an amazing suggestive force. We guess the painter’s loneliness in his head to head with these shifting and affecting landscapes ... meeting with a painter, a world, a wild and beautiful landscape. "Nathalie Colleville (journalist)

Stand facing the board.
Wait a bit.
Slowly close your eyes.
Letting slowly invade.
Feel the pitching that crack, the fine white sand flying in the
gust and stings the cheek.
The heat of the sun in a hole suddenly floods the shore.
Abandoned by the high seas, kelp has pungent odor.
Tall grasses rustle in an almost metallic rustling.
A squall runs. His distant wetness is almost already there.
The noise of waves afar is changed.
Quick, open your eyes before the first drops ...
Benoit Charon

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