"The real Cubism done with photography. " This is visionary intuition Picasso delivered Serge MENDJISKY in the 60s . After ten years declined his unique vision of the famous cities such as Paris , New York or Venice , Moscow and Istanbul. The artist on the occasion of this exhibition at the gallery Besseiche - LARTIGUE back to the source of his inspiration, Cubism, and most emblematic of its representatives, Picasso. For several months in his workshop, Serge MENDJISKY photography sensual shapes of musical instruments, the raw beauty of African Art sculptures and invites into his compositions , elements of his personal life or everyday items . Then inspired , guided by its approach of deconstruction and reconstruction, it dislocates , twists , distorts , installs color he is drugged by reviving the pointillist painting. His desire to be one with his work impresses the beholder . He is the Master , the Conductor ! With his hands he penetrates objects, shapes in his way, infuses their breath of life and its relief, kneading his flesh and present suffering . He leads an organic struggle daily with his painting and also with Picasso which he confronts , seeking faults, errors, stuff. It feeds to satisfy his intellectual fervor and relativize his physical pain . It was then that under our questioning eyes , springs expression Modernity of an artist of 82 years convinced that his historic moment is decisive , but who knows at the same time , it must be surpassed by something else. This exhibition is also an opportunity to rediscover the different cities and topics by the Artist ten years of paintings spacio chrono -graphs . Patricia Mendjisky March 2011

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