In keeping with the “Expressionnisme américain” and some “Bad Painting”, Lahcen KHEDIM shows his own personality thanks to a spontaneous gesture.
Pictorially, we could qualify his work as a result of an abstract expression.
But, follower another way see the things of the world, on the borders of the visible and the invisible, Lahcen KHEDIM, makes arise, as in all its creations, humans forms in the privacy of each of his paintings.

Humanity is therefore never absent, often faces join on the canvas as signatures, goes out of "smileys" in a way.
The narration of L.K keep according to its own confession “Fugitive in the abstract” and it in a completely instinctive way. In the end, His work always tries to reveal us the invisible, the inaccessible.
This is why, for L.K to make his the famous cézanienne formula Which is: “
d'écrire en peinture ce qui n'est pas encore peint et le rendre absolument / To write in paint what is not yet painted and to return it absolutely” - Christian Schmit*

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