DUSSAC Thierry

Thierry DUSSAC was born in 1966

Dandy of modern times with an expressionism brushstroke, it’s paradoxically with a lot of modesty and privacy, than Thierry DUSSAC exhibits the pain, physical or moral, while expressing with instinct, the eroticism and the death.
What immediately strikes in the Thierry’s painting, it’s a kind of familiarity, what might be called the expressiveness of the body in its pictorial representation and in an emotional and sensitive language, without hesitating to go until the feature’s distortion, and highlight the evidence.

Thierry doesn’t search to show, but of properly to express his deeply feelings…
Thierry’s work it both in the drawing and on the painting, it can be gladly described as an heir of
Classic approach, one of them are in the generations of pioneers, such as those of their successors (Like Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville); As many recognized artists, confronted at the obsessive question of the figuration, of the human body’s representation and his pain…
The body, its nakedness, its fragility is at the heart of his plastic obsessions. His work is a long questioning on the human being – It Ephemeral condition, the miserable dimension of it condition, it decadence, the life, the flesh - Its strangeness, its eroticism, its animality, its stigmata, Its death..
With a purified language and pointed. That of the simplicity, and to the sublimation, permeable to the means and to the classical technical of the drawing and the painting.
Thereby, Thierry draft, then he extracts the quintessence of forms and the essence of beings, As fugitive they will be are…

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