Andrea Clanetti Santarossa is a figurative painter born in Venice.
He draws his inspiration from Pop Art, film and comics; disciplines whose iconography forge his expressive universe. We found in his painting series of mythical or imaginary heroes in classic scenes of "comics" or western "spaghetti".
Yet he retains a personal approach and sometimes evolves into a kind of "Dark Pop" as if reality out of this illusory kingdom crackled. The colors are bright, the perspectives keep coming, even though on some works the edges crumble, shapes and colors liquefy. The techniques used are mixed and varied. He uses acrylic and gouache, always in combination with the ink. It also mixes charcoal, pastel, wax, and more rarely the bomb on media canvas or wood.
CLANETTI moved to Brussels in 2007 and started participating in group exhibitions and shows conducted in collaboration with painters, musicians and writers. It also makes short films and videos.

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