Uncontested master internationaly renowned, Authouart is a french painter, draftsman and lithographer born 17th September 1943 in Lillebonne.
In 1958, he was admitted to the Regional School of Fine Arts in Rouen
In 1972, he moved to Paris to attend a training course at the Ecole Normale de la Tour.
In 1974, he exhibited his painting "That habeis echo con Solange? ", FIAC in Paris.
In 1977 he designed his first lithograph ‘Le manège de l’avenir’ in the Bellini studio in Paris, ancient studio Ancourt where H. de Toulouse-Lautrec printed his lithographs.
In 1980, Alain Matarasso, director of the Center Gallery presents the picture of Daniel Authouart "To paint or not to paint" at the FIAC, Grand Palais.
In 1983, after a stay in New York he produces the poster and decor for the outdoor concert of Eddy Mitchell on the docks of Le Havre’s harbour.
In 1984, he directed the stage for the play of Gildas Bourdet The Gas Station, mounted by the theater of the Salamander in Tourcoing and the Theatre of the city in Paris.
In 1986, he designs and realises the binding manuscripts of Flaubert ‘Bouvard and Pécuchet’ commissioned by the municipal library of Rouen.
In 1988, he met the singer Janet Jackson in Los Angeles, California who commissioned a large painting in which the entire Jackson family is represented.
New York will be the source of endless inspiration, with all that this implies of passion and ambiguity. Authouart is the painter of a society of entertainments where the exuberance, the excitement of the crowds, advertisings, movie stars, form a kaleidoscope of colors. because Authouart is at first a teller of our urban world and leads his critique through painting. he seems to tell us to be a little wary of fascination of appearances.

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