KEF! Is a young artist born in 1989 in Germany at “Übach-Palenberg”.

After some years spent in London, in contact of street art scene, He settles down in Berlin in 2015.
Defining his style as abstract graffiti, He pays a particular attention on the harmony and on the balance of is compositions.
Mon travail a trait au ressenti, à la sensation et non à la reflexion / My work was done at the feeling, at the sensation, not at the reflexion.”
It's moreover in a instinctive way that he paint, founding his inspiration in the nature, the meditation and the Buddhist teachings.

His work is composed by a full of lines in the soft and peaceful colors, they are a way for him to diffuse peace and harmony in our world in disorder.
« Laissez-vous aller, dit-il, dans la multitude des lignes; soyez transporté ; vous y trouverez une énergie positive et une sensation de bien-être. / Just let it go, he said, in the multitude of lines; be transported ; you will find a positive energy and a sensation of well-being there.»
Respiration of colors and voids, jubilation of rhythm, harmony of curves on the walls as on canvases, make of KEF! a rising value of the abstract graffiti.
Works of KEF! Are exposed everywhere around the world.
Especially large frescoes on the walls of London and Stuttgart, and on And on several shops for a lot of brands like “Urban Outfitters”, “Park Lane Hotel”, at Hong Kong and to the “Pringtemps” at Paris.

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