DUGA was born in Brussels in 1963.

Medical student, in the same time, He signs up at the
“Académie des Beaux-arts” while specializing in medical imaging.
Today, he is a famous radiologist and a talented artist.
DUGA is clearly an emotional artist and the artist of freedom expression: spontaneous expression, energetic, vital, quickly gestures, of disorderly appearance but always ordered.

DUGA doesn’t search to avoid the influences same conscientious to each other artist: Basquiat, Combas and the movement of free figuration. Alenchinsky, Karel Appel, and the aggregation of Cobra. Picasso, Schiele and expressionism. Dubuffet and the “Art brut” The Street art… All of them, permeate his work.
With a constant concern of anatomic details, DUGA is in perpetual questioning on the human being. The Man in all of his components, front of time passing, at the interior life and his demons, his pains, his happiness, his troubles.

Like the life, his painting isn’t a straight line, but a world to discovered, a missing line, tortuous, energetic, curious and inexhaustible.
DUGA, invite the viewer to enter in his word.

Available works