Hiro Ando is a Japanese artist, born in 1973 on the island of Shikoku.
Illustrator, designer . .. Hiro Ando is a multi-medium artist. Reproducing 3D cats of his paintings, he proposes several series of sculptures kawai1 equally as each other. The Cats are available Hiro Ando thus UrbanCat, SamouraïCat, SumoCat, RobotCat they are between 25 and 150 cm and are made of resin or porcelain.
Glance at Maneki Neko: Lucky Cat and fetish of Japanese culture, the Cats symbolize dialogue between modernity and tradition in this work Hiro Ando.

"Cats" are exciting, highly sought-after Pop Art inspired sculpture by acclaimed Japanese Neo-Pop artist, Hiro Ando. This work in the round is painted glossy Pop Art Colors , depicting the cat as a revered Samurai wrestler, and belongs to Ando's series of cat sculptures started in 2005. Ando's bases his works on "the cat", because in traditional Japanese culture it is a good-luck charm. Ando depicts the cat in a fresh manner that clearly references his generation's obsession with Anime and the "Hello Kitty" craze.
Ando is internationally acclaimed for his sculptures and paintings with unexpected colors and surface treatments that conflate modern Japanese icons such "Hello Kitty", the Cat, the Panda, with traditional Samurai Warriors and the Sumo Wrestlers, creating a very contemporary dialogue between the past and present, East and West in very contemporary and unexpected ways that have made him one of the most notable Japanese Contemporary artists of his 1980's generation

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